Technical Consulting Service

Red Ace offers World Class Technical Consulting services.

IT Consulting Services

If you need help with Internet, LAN, Web, E-mail, UNIX, or Windows 2000, Red Ace can help! Bring our expertise to your business.

Electronic Messaging Solutions

Is your business is facing one of these issues?

  • E-mail service is terrible due to a collection of incompatible systems.
  • Messaging costs are too high.
  • Messaging service headaches interfere with your real job.
  • Virus outbreaks repeatedly disrupt your messaging environment.

Red Ace can help.

You want your business to run smoothly, with all employees working at peak productivity. End users expect e-mail to work transparently, without them becoming anti-virus and attachment experts. Your IT staff can only work so many hours per day, but unstable messaging systems can require long days repairing service outages.

Dr. Mary Ann Horton is an expert consultant in the field of Messaging, E-mail, Networking and Computer Security. She has led large enterprise messaging environments for AT&T, Lucent Technologies, and Avaya.

Dr. Horton's resume.

Custom web site designs are also available.


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